APT Commodities Limited is a fully owned Kenyan tea trading company (SME) that exhibits a hunger for selecting the best products available in the market. Naturally, our clients demand quality and we have delivered this promise with utmost consistency. Some of our international clients come from as far as Pakistan, Kazakhstan, Malaysia, Juba and Egypt just to mention a few. This in itself is a true statement of our product standards.

Providing quality food commodities in local and international markets is a desire engrained in local hearts. This saw the launch of our premier brand Jambo Chai Black Tea and Jambo Chai Tangawizi, Hassan Black Tea (PF1), Sinbad Black CTC Tea and went ‘green’ with Equator Green Tea.

Favored by the proximity to The Mombasa Tea Auction and The Kilindini Port, our customers are guaranteed best quality Kenyan tea, at the lowest price and timely shipments, all wrapped up in effective, unmatched services.

APT is a member of the Tea Directorate and East Africa Tea Trade Association.


APT Commodities Limited has a taste for quality. We select the best blends available on the marketand tradethe liquid Gold made from producers in Kenya and East Africaon local and international markets.

APT provides straight lines and bulk tea services to traders and packers who require high-qualityKenyan tea blends. APT is committed to ensure all necessary quality checks required by bulk businesses to make sure all hygiene standards are applied throughout the tea purchasing, repacking and containerizing processing.

APT commodities Ltd deliver quality blends tailored according to our customers demands with utmost consistency.

Our international clients come from as far as Pakistan, Kazakhstan, Malaysia and Egypt, just to mention a few.


Major shipping lines call Mombasa on a weekly basis such as Mearsk, Safmarine,MSC, Messina, Evergreen. among others.

We also cater for clients willing to ship on LCL basis through consolidators of their choice or available services to any destination of their choice.

Clients with small orders are advised to use courier services preferably in their countries. These include TNT, FedEx, DHL, Skynet among others.



Our blends come exclusively from the most trustworthy tea growers in Kenya and East Africa.


There is no certification test our blends cannot pass. Our tea quality is certified on national and international levels.

Anytime, Anywhere

The proximity to The Mombasa Tea Auction and The Kilindini Port enables us to deliver our commodities all over the world, no matter the distance.


To get on top of our quality management systems, APT commodities has Halal Certification and a member of the Tea Directorate (AFA), East Africa Tea Trade Association (EATTA), Kenya Chamber of commerce (KNCCI), Kenya Association of Manufacturers (KAM), Export Promotion Council (EPC), is compliant under The US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and other relevant Government bodies.

Indeed without failing to mention that we are currently implementing the ISO 2200:2005 certification process.