Due to the presence of a port on its border along the Indian Ocean and the sandy beaches, Mombasa County is mostly known as a business hub and tourist attraction Centre with a population of around 1.2 million people.

However, due to the warm climate and salty water in the county, minimal farming takes place in the area with mango and coconut being the main crops grown which are consumed locally and the surplus sold to the neighboring towns in the county.

In a move to support farming, the county government of Mombasa has launched the Mombasa youth fish farming project through the use of 40-foot containers as ponds which are placed in 14 wards and are run by the youth.

This year’s show creates a platform for farmers, learners, business fraternity and all show visitors to exchange ideas and acquire new skills and knowledge from the various exhibitors. Lots of entertainment is arranged for you in the arena ranging from marching soldiers, traditional dancers, local artists, comedians among others. The young ones will also get a chance to enjoy themselves from the fun fair activities in the show.